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TradeMates™ is include in Minhasoft Products.Our Product (TradeMates™) is the customized software solution for current business need. This application is especially designed for small and medium enterprises. Our Product (TradeMates™) also includes the complete solution for business management. From purchase to sales, inventory management to finance management. The software is designed in a way to provide ease to final user and make their life easy from manual processes to automation. TradeMates™ includes extensive reports from stock level to sales, purchase level to expenses and covers all the financial reports e.g. income statement , balance sheet, trial balance etc. thus it gives you crystal clear idea about your current business activities and Facilitate you in making business decisions.

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Capsicum is also includes in Mihasoft products. Capsicum ® is designed and developed to entertain restaurants that need to manage Fine Dine-Ins and Shifting and splitting of tables and bills according to customers need. We have made it simple and swift for you to manage things in the most suitable manner and so ease up the way you transact. This error free technology will trim down reduction & deception and administer employees more effectively. Capsicum ® features and prices vary according to the need of customer requirements and on the shelf available different versions.

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Training Mates®

Our products Training Mates is a unique creation of Minhasoft in which we have devised a mechanism to help our client start a learning portal for the users, and through which he can access the complete information about the visitors to the site, the number of subscribers, their performance, and fee received from the start of the site till today. Basically training mates is training and educational portal which can be used for different types of training purpose. The client can generate the reports regarding login history, details of subscription, subscriber’s history and performance, and can generate new content time to time. This portal has something for everyone and can be used to train people from educational, work or professional fields. An added benefit of this portal is that there is no geographic boundary limits in accessing and operating it. The user can get to learn where he wants, when he wants and at a pace that best suits him.

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Hospito Advance

Hospito Advance is a web based portal which provide platform to Doctor and patients to interact with each other. System users are patient and doctors both can create their user account and maintain profile. This portal helps Patient in finding out doctors according to geographic location or by specialty. A user can also set appointments online with the doctor. System admin can send appointment cancelation, reschedule visit etc to users. Portal also maintains doctor's rating and allows patients to manage their reports and prescription under profile section while doctor can prescribe medicine from database List.