Capsicum™ Exclusive Edition

Capsicum™ Exclusive Edition

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Capsicum™ Exclusive Edition is designed and developed to entertain restaurants need to managing Fine Dine-Ins and Shifting and splitting of tables and bills according to customers need. We have made it simple and swift for you to manage things are the most suitable manner and so ease up the way you transact. This error free technology will trim down reduction & deception and administer employees more effectively.

Key Features:

Product Management
Capsicum gives you easy to configure your products; you can categorize your food items and set prices at any time. Further you can edit or modify products. You can view complete range of products according to product category.

Order Entry
Order taking either of Take-Away or Dine-In is so trouble-free that you would simply love it. Use a touch screen our mouse to take customer orders, shift between different categories and food items, load them in bill and just press quantity. That’s all you need to do.

Order Tracking
You can also view your punched orders, edit them, void them or simply close them after receiving payment. The real time statistics makes you swift for your major quick decisions and upcoming orders in queue.

Improving Efficiency
As you can enter orders quickly and can get order information in a click, Capsicum® improves your business performance, enabling you prompt service and error free management of your daily work.

Fine Dine-In
Table management was never as simple and easy as Capsicum® made it for you. Select the table and assign the number of persons. Your table will be allocated with its order punched by you. You can change the order, void it or close it after the final payment is made. Once you will close the order, your table will be released and will be available to be assigned to some other customer.

Networking of Printer
Capsicum™ Exclusive Edition makes it easy for you to send the kitchen and bar slips directly to the respective places through its unique networking setup. So, now you don’t need to send the slips manually, just punch the order and it’s done. No human interface, no human mistake, it’s a click & go. It will reduce the manual work and fast up the customer service by automatically sending the invoices.

Void control
With an advanced feature of void to alter the punched order, capsicum also restrict the unauthorized control to do so. Without the pass code, no order can be altered. Thus, it restricts the unauthorized access to the application and ensures system integrity at every point.

Reports are essential for any business to measure the sales, stock and cash figure. Capsicum® helps you to generate different reports for accurate measurement of your daily transactions based on cash, credit card or both.
Through it, you can generate:

  1. Daily Sales Reports
  2. Sales Report / Day / Week /Month / Year or based on a specified period
  3. Daily Cash Reports
  4. Cash Report / Day / Week /Month / Year or based on a specified period
  5. Till Cash Report
  6. Till Open/Close/In/Out
  7. Monthly Sheet

So, generate the report as per your requirements and enjoy the exciting feature of Capsicum® bcuz we made it simple and spectacular for you.

Day Close
Day close is one of the key feature of capsicum, no matter you are closing your restaurant after 12:00 am, our day close utility will automatically shift all the sales and cash transaction in same day.

Preventing Theft
System security features helps you prevent inventory shrinkage, fake orders and up to date cash management by matching the drawer cash with your system record. So, now with Capsicum®, you can rely on your workers all the time.

Effective Marketing
As its helps you improve order frequency, with quick customer service, Capsicum® can help you effectively market your business by attracting the customers and pleasing them beyond their expectations.

Multi Payment Mode
Capsicum® brings for you the option to record multi payment modes and entertain every the customer in the best possible way. Thus separate record is maintained for every mode of payment for future consultancy.

Central Office Reporting
No matter whether your restaurant is part of a chain, a franchise or an independent eatery, Capsicum® Central Point Reporting helps you stay in touch with the financial details of your business by connecting you to every terminal and keep an eye on every activity.

Shift & Split
You can further split the table from a single to parts and can assign separate order to each split and main table. The other process of order allocation and releasing the table remains the same. Along with it, Capsicum® also split the bill for any particular table on your demand. So you can print bill for single table into parts as defined by the customer. What else you can need? Capsicum® has another exciting feature. You can shift the bill assigned to one table to another if the customer shifted his table due to any reason. Your first occupied table will be released and the new table will be occupied with the same amount of bill.

Tip Adjustment
Capsicum® comes up with another spectacular feature for you. It provides you the option to adjust the tip amount from the credit card as required.

Financial Management
Minhasoft® TradeMates™Professional Edition provides you the centralized approach to manage accounts. Every single transaction hits all the pertinent accounts and reflects the effect in books of account. It also minimizes, rather it eliminates the chances of wrong transfer, imbalance debit and credit accounts, and thus keeping the balance sheet accurate and depicting true profitability picture of your business any time.

General Settings

  • Account Creation
  • Bank Account Creation
  • Expense Account Creation
  • Opening Balance
  • Opening Trial Balance


  • Cash book entry
  • Bank Book Entry
  • Expense Recording
  • Journal Voucher


  • Cash Book
  • Bank Book
  • Expense Book
  • General Journal
  • General Ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement